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Simple science behind the benefits of Whole Body Vibration November 07 2014, 3 Comments

WBV increases repair and regeneration hormone levels by stimulating the nervous and skeletal systems which triggers increased production and secretion of endorphins, serotonin, neurotrophin and human growth hormone just to name a few. Studies have shown that a short period of WBV training (10/15 min) brings hormones levels significantly higher than any other traditional gym exercises.

WBV increases circulation and lymph drainage mainly by mechanical means. Arteries and especially veins (related to lymph drainage) are relatively soft structures compared to bone, ligaments and tendons. These soft tissues, including muscle, skin,, arteries and veins can be
compressed and uncompressed which changes the pressures of the fluid in the veins and arteries.

The vibration of the platform compress and uncompress the soft tissues causing a pumping effect within the arteries and veins. Since veins and arteries are tube-like structures with fluid (blood) in them when they are compressed, the blood must move somewhere-either to the working/damaged muscle with oxygenated blood or to the heart with used blood (non-oxygenated, toxins, cellular bi-products). WBV “unclogs” the circulatory system and makes the capillary beds more efficient. This increases energy levels and decreases body toxins. This is why after a whole body vibration session in the morning,, you are full of stamina for the rest of the day!

WBV increases bone density and strengthens because our body naturally adapts to the forces that it is exposed to. The vertical vibration is absorbed in the skeletal system which strengthens trabecular lines (force lines aid in the strength of bony tissue, these decrease with age and lack of activity). A decreased bone density is one of the leading causes of hip and pelvic fractures and WBV will increase the bone density and strength of the skeletal system.

Whole Body Vibration increases muscular recruitment, especially the smaller muscle groups. This also leads to increased proprioception (body awareness and balance). The vibration stimulates the golgi tendon organs (receptors that respond to muscle and tendon length) because the platform is constantly accelerating and decelerating so the muscular system is constantly adjusting to maintain its balance. This is why some exercises like bending and touching your toes are challenging, not only because of hamstring flexibility, but also because the surface is changing so the smaller muscle groups (small planter muscles, pereonals, tibialis posterior and anterior, and many others) are firing to keep your balance. The studies show that there are significant gains in explosive strength due to the increased input from the smaller muscle groups of activities as jumping.

WBV increases flexibility because the vibrating platform causes chaos within the stretch reflex in your muscular system. On a stable platform when you are stretching your hamstring you can forward flex until you feel a pull in your hamstrings. This pull triggers receptors in your muscles that send information to the brain and to other muscle groups that will limit that movement, in this case gluts and lower erector spinae muscles. This stretch reflex protects the hamstrings from stretching too fast or too far. On a vibrating platform this reflex is overridden, allowing your body to go past the stretch reflex. Therefore, increasing the range of motion and flexibility of that joint. Even after 30 sec. of stretching, noticeable results are present!!

WBV decreases body fat mainly due to the increased efficiency of the circulatory system as explained already. There is an increase of circulation in the skin and adipose (fatty) tissues and this promotes the utilization of fat for energy and is readily metabolized. The results are really amazing

Whole Body Vibration can help treat osteoporosis November 07 2014, 0 Comments

Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that is typically associated with women after they have gone through menopause. In osteoporosis the mineral density (BMD) is reduced and the amount and types of proteins in bone are altered. The common conceptual understanding is that the bones become “brittle” and there is an increased risk of fractures.

This loss of bone mass can be detected with simple testing by taking a x-ray of the wrist, measure the bone density and then compare it to a normal film. This gives a percentage ratio of comparative loss.

Osteoporosis is most common in women after the menopause, when it is called “postmenopausal osteoporosis”, but may also develop in elderly men, or it may occur in anyone in the presence of certain hormonal disorders, some chronic diseases or even as a result of some medications, Because osteoporosis contributes to the risk of fracture, it may significantly affect life expectancy and even affect the quality of life.

Currently the standard treatment of choice is a combination of medication in conjunction with weight-bearing exercise. The reasoning behind this thinking is that increasing the workload onto the bone stimulates bone growth. The more the bone gets stimulated, the more mineral will lay down into the bone mass. The difficulty in this approach is that many patients are not exercise savvy, nor do they have the time to engage every day into an exercise program long enough to produce the changes necessary.

Recently much research has pointed to Whole Body Vibration (WBV) as being the number one non-pharmaceutical treatment of choice for osteoporosis! Over the last forty years numerous research studies have been published that indicate the positive effect of this therapy on bone growth and re-mineralization of bone. Vibrating simply means that a platform is moving rapidly up and down. Thus simply standing on a vibrating platform with straight legs loads the bones with the patients full body weight with every upward movement of the platform! If the platform vibrates somewhere around 20-50Hz, that means it moves up and down 20-50 times per second, loading the bones with the patients full body weight with every stroke!! You can se that it would be very hard to duplicate this by lifting weights!

What are the benefits of Whole Body Vibration ? October 16 2014, 0 Comments

Mechanical Benefits

Increases physical strength, dexterity and endurance

Mechanical Vertical Vibration create stretch reflexes in your tendons thereby stimulating involuntary muscle contractions throughout your body via your nervous and musculo-skeletal system. These repeated oscillations stimulate repeated contractions, like repetitions of a weight exercise at the gym, resulting in increased muscle strength and work tolerance. WBV provides enhanced power training to principle muscle groups in less time.

Improves balance and coordination

The moving plate stimulates stretch receptors and tendon reflexes in your joints. This stimulates increased receptor activity in a safe environment, challenging your balance and coordination systems.

Increases bone density

Can reverse the effects of osteoporosis by increasing the mechanical stressors on the bones via the involuntary muscle contractions created by the machine as well as balancing the hormones within the body.

Reduces joint pain & inflammation while reducing ligamentous stress

The vertical movement creates a stretching in the joints, increasing space and replacing fluid between the bones as well as stimulating a dramatic increase of critical blood flow to these areas. It is especially good for spinal tightness. WBV improves mobility and flexibility of your joints and relieves stress to joints, ligaments and tendons while releasing tension throughout your body.

Improved pelvic floor function

Pelvic floor instability usually results from softening of connective tissue during pregnancy. Vibrational therapy quickly brings the hormonal system into balance, enabling connective tissue to recover its strength and firmness.

Speeds recovery from surgery or trauma

The improved blood and lymph circulation created by the vibration speed up healing time by the body. The serotonin release decreases emotional trauma effect by the patient and HGH release aids in body recovery as well. By increasing the overall balance of the body, Whole Body Vibration stimulates a more efficient rate of recovery starting at the cellular level of the body. WBV training also prevents loss of muscular strength from surgery due to lack of exercise during the initial recovery period.

Systemic Benefits

Increased circulation of blood & improvement of cardiovascular system

Blood vessels are located between muscles that “pump” the blood throughout your body. The vibrations create muscle contractions, which in turn promote blood flow through to the next area, increasing cardiac output and overall circulation. This is great for people who are either inactive, starting to get active, have circulation problems etc. Scientists are comparing it to a full hour of cardiovascular workout.

Nervous System

WBV stimulates your nervous system’s proprioceptors, triggering your muscles and joints to remind you of where you are in space. Sort of like a work out for your nerve receptors. Muscle contraction is an all or nothing nervous response to stimulus so there you have it, instant nervous system stimulation. WBV can stimulate those muscles that the brain is unable to find, thereby minimizing lower body atrophy in spinal chord patients.

Increased lymph drainage & detoxification of systems

The lymphatic system is connected to every organ in the body and is absolutely essential in purifying the body to strengthen the entire immune system. Many consider the proper lymphatic drainage to be even more important than blood circulation. These fluids, however, require the pumping actions of movement and exercise, which is often severely limited in today’s sedentary society of increased toxins and poor nutrition. Vibration therapy stimulates lymph drainage to promote detoxification and strengthening of the immune system. As mentioned above, the lymph system is a primary way to dispose of toxins and keep our body healthy. Inactivity as well as over bombardment of toxins leads to stagnation of the Lymph system. WBV stimulates the lymph system to improve the rate at which toxins are disposed from our body, thus accelerating your body’s healing response. New cells are more resilient, vibrant, and function together more cohesively as a healthier, longer lasting body.

Relieves menopausal symptoms

Improved body efficiency and improvement of hormonal systems effects those at any age, especially those needing increased hormonal balance during body-life transitions.

Improved mood and energy level – Increased secretion of serotonin, a hormone which is used in many anti- depressants, is released into the body.

Increased Hormone Production

WBV increases the release of hormones that are important in the regeneration & repair processes of our bodies, such as:

  • Human Growth Hormone, which increases up to %460.
  • Serotonin, “the neurotransmitter of happiness, relaxation and well-being”
  • Neurotrophine, a hormone that stimulates brain activity
  • Testosterone, the male hormone that keeps men and women frisky and feeling young
  • IGF-1, another growth hormone that slows the aging process and in many cases, even reverses its effects
  • When you increase the number of optimal functioning cells, this promotes improved strength, stamina, coordination, mental clarity, as well as vitality and overall well-being. Users of the TSVS have also experienced accelerated recovery from injuries and disappearance of chronic symptoms.

Aesthetic Benefits

Decreases Body Fat

WBV works several ways to dissolve excess body fat; it increases metabolism which burns calories more rapidly; increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage thereby removing toxins faster. Human Growth Hormone secretion increases dramatically (460%). Excess body fat melts away effortlessly. People who use a Whole body vibration device for 10 minutes, three times a week, lose significantly more fat than those who engage in aerobic activity for one hour three times a week! Without sweating, bad body odor or even make-up smudging, a 10 minutes session of WBV is the equivalent of a 40-90 minute workout. The old fat deposits that have been stagnantly sitting in areas (you know where they are) are stimulated for use by the body again, thereby promoting fat metabolism and decreased body fat

Overall Tightening

Call it a natural face-lift. Your skin, being the largest organ in our body, is also stimulated to tighten up and become more elastic with vibrational therapy. Noticeable is the dissolving of cellulite areas and tightening of the facial muscles.
Mental/Emotional Benefits

Decreases Stress levels

Daily life is stressful, causing the release of toxic stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. These chemicals through the immune system out of balance as well as destroy brain cells by the millions. WBV increases human growth hormone and serotonin secretion, thereby lowering cortisol and epinephrine secretion up to 31%. This plus the increased circulatory effects of WBV positively counteract the effects of stress on the body as well as the spirit.

Cellular Benefits

To understand how Whole Body Vibration Technology works on a cellular level, we need to remember the age old truth that everything has a natural vibration – from the ground we walk on – to the air we breath – to the water we drink – everything is vibrating. The cells in our body, likewise, have their own optimal individual vibrations as well. Liver cells vibrate different then heart cells, which vibrate at a different rate then brain cells, etc. All of these vibrations go to make up our particular frequency. Good health is nothing more then our cells, and subsequently our energetic systems, vibrating at the rate they were designed to vibrate and in harmony with each other.

Generally, vibrations are negatively effected by imbalances in our bodies. These imbalances are created by the following:

  • Toxic substances we eat or drink (sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, low nutritional foods, heavy metals in our foods)
  • Environmental toxins and pollutions we inhale (smog, pesticides,lead)
  • Exposure to a negative energetic environment (high stressed job, toxic relationships)
  • How we process information in our bodies (negative attitudes or conditioning)

As we age, the speed of our cells being able to keep up with all the work of constantly cleaning out the toxins introduced to our bodies slowly decreases. Cells struggle with poor nutrition, low oxygen levels, environmental toxins, and stagnation of lymph fluids. I am referring to the vibration rate of the cells themselves. Most diseased conditions can be attributed to your body’s inability to “clean up” fast enough all of the toxins our current world presents (optimal cellular waste removal). The above mentioned conditions feed into the slowing down of cell vibrations. This results in decreasing the individual metabolism and functions of our cells. Low vibrations then lead to buildup of toxins because the cell is unable to metabolize as fast resulting in immune system deficiencies, muscle and joint degeneration, cancers, and a multitude of illnesses.

Vibrational therapy produces a chain reaction whereas all the cells in your body respond to the different frequency vibrations of the machine and thereby increase their own vibration & metabolism. This is a powerful way to ensure that you cells keep up to speed with the speed in which they receive all these negative toxins, to be able to metabolize and secrete back out of the body that which is harmful and detrimental. When you increase the number of optimal cells, tissues and organs will lead to improved strength, stamina, coordination, mental clarity, as well as vitality and overall well being. Think of a garbage truck always dumping out 5 bags of garbage a day and now can only dump out 3 bags a day, but are still receiving 5 bags a day of trash to dump. By increasing the rate of cellular absorption and activity, you are stimulating those garbage trucks back up to 5 dumps a day.

WBV training is a great passive way to create a more active cellular body. This extremely safe device is helpful to: the elderly; weak and fragile population & overly obese who don’t have enough strength to do the cardio they need or have balance issues that prevent long walks on uneven surfaces; those with a sedentary lifestyle; those too busy to find time to exercise; patients in rehabilitation and athletes looking for that extra edge. Everyone can benefit from this comprehensive exercise system that is now available to the masses.

WBV stimulates the body’s own healing response as well as stimulating the regeneration of healthy cells. Using the platform also prevents loss of muscular strength from surgery due to lack of exercise during the initial recovery period. Athletes use the WBV training to maintain higher levels of overall fitness and to hasten recovery from injuries.

The following are more specific clinical uses of WBV:

Emphysema: Under normal circumstances, it is nearly impossible for patients with emphysema to undertake any kind of physical exercise. WBV enables these patients to achieve most of the benefits of a regular workout and help them to do cardio fitness training such as walking, or even running.

MS/ALS and spinal chord injury: Patients with multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are unable to train because the nerves are no longer capable of controlling the muscles properly. WBV activates the muscles directly without relying on the nervous system. Patients then feel better, have more energy to cope with everyday activities, experience less pain and are less dependent on others.

Osteoporosis: Millions of Americans, especially women are at risk of developing this disease, which results from the decalcification of the bone due to hormonal imbalances. Bones become fragile with a tendency to break easily. WBV increases bone density, usually reversing the effects of osteoporosis by increasing the mechanical stress on the bones via the involuntary muscle contractions created by the machine as well as by balancing the hormones within the body.

Arthritis and Rheumatism: WBV therapy can reduce the pain and discomfort of these conditions. It has been proven to increase blood circulation in the joints and dramatically improve flexibility and range of motion.

Lower back pain: WBV can strengthen the lower back muscles that cause back pain. Patients with acute back hernias should not use vibration therapy.

Understanding Whole Body Vibration October 16 2014, 0 Comments

What is controlled Whole Body Vibration?

Controlled Whole Body Vibration is a new type of fitness training and therapy that has a strong and direct impact on health, wellness and longevity.

Mechanical vibrations used at the correct frequency and amplitude cause muscular contractions, better known as involuntary neuromuscular stretch reflex.

Muscles are activated and trained very easily in a short period of time. Twelve exercises of one minute each can be equivalent to an hour work out at the gym.

Vibration training with DKN X Series therefore has the effect of strengthening the muscles and increasing endurance, balance, explosiveness and flexibility. CWBV also has a direct impact on hormonal response.

In a conventional training session, only 40% of the muscle fibers are trained; with controlled Whole Body Vibration training, that percentage can reach 90% to 95%. In addition to its effect on muscle tissues, training with controlled Whole Body Vibration also has a positive effect on tendon tissue, bone tissue, the nervous system and hormonal balances.

Interesting History facts

The world first saw its effectiveness when the Russians started winning all the Gold at the Olympic Games in 1960. They also started keeping their cosmonauts in space longer and longer.

Dr. Vladimir Nazarov, by experimenting with a vibration system also proclaimed that training with a vibration therapy not only produced an increase in strength but also an increase in flexibility.

This has a major advantage over classical strength training, where an increase muscular strength is often associated with a shortening of the muscles.

Research on controlled Whole Body Vibration made its way to Europe in the early 90’s.

Motion, simulation and frequency

What we are talking about here are the mechanical vibrations caused by the DKN machine. These vibrations are defined by three parameters:

  • the direction of the motion: for the optimum stimulation of muscles and skeleton, a vertical displacement is required (cWBV = gravity accelerator). The DKN X-series generates these vertical vibrations plus horizontal and lateral residual vibrations that create a 3-dimensional vibration.
  • the length or amplitude of the motion: with the DKN X-series, this movement range is from 1.8 to 3.74mm. Depending on the frequency/acceleration.
  • the vibration frequency: the number of upward and downward movements of the plate per second. The DKN-series machines offer you a frequency range that can be varied from 20Hz to 50Hz (movements per second).